Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cleaning Forum !!!

I am trying to organize the forum a little. Right now the section for military personnel is disabled for posting, but you can still read the info. Please make sure you contact the person directly via email or snail mail. Number one mistake people make, they post in the forum that military members may not be able to see.

I am adding dates to the lists, so you can see when they were added, a contact over 12 months old will not be good anymore, so keep that in mind.
If you post something, make sure it is in the right catagory. It is hard for me to go through thousands of ads with over 31,000 members. This would be a great help.
Military members must contact me to get on the list....

New Contact Added

Look in the Navy Section....we just added a sailor deployed for 7 months looking for contacts...thanks you.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

9/11 Ten years later

Today I woke up at exactly 9:11 and it made me think about what happened ten years ago about the event that changed so many things for all of us.

I used to play an online game called Starfleet Command on Game Spy; it was a popular Star Trek game that you could play with others life. You met in a chat room and discussed your strategies. Most of us were part of a group we called a fleet and we would have battles against other fleets. I happened to be one of the fleet commanders, one of very few girls who played the game. I recall one of the guys and I can’t even remember his name, we never really disclosed names or locations since we were strictly a role playing group. Anyway, the guy (let’s call him John) was so happy that he finally got a job nearby where he lived, which was in Manhattan. So John telling us,” hey I am working at the World Trade Center.”” Well yeah, good for you, how cool is that?” Most of us responded. He went on later to tell us how you could see the entire universe up at the top observation deck and it would make a great place for all of us one day to meet.

When 9/11 happened nobody played the game that day, we just discussed what happened and how shocked we all were. John wasn’t there. It was days later when we still didn’t hear from him, we wondered what happened to him. How could anyone of us figure out what happened? We didn’t know his name, the company he worked for or if he even worked that day in one of the towers. It was when the online role playing game became very real to most of us. Eventually people played the game again and I did for a little while, but always wondered what happened to John. I never removed him from our list of members on the website for our fleet.

10 years later, I don’t play any role playing games anymore. I never knew what happened to John, none of us ever heard from him again. I can only hope whatever he is doing he is ok and if he died that day, he will fight the battles of the Federation in Starfleet Command Heaven.

There are still idiots out there who make up stories about how all of the 9/11 was planned and controlled…come on people get real. Let us not ever forget those who died and when America was attacked. We as Americans have every right to defend our freedom and freedom is not free. It costs lives.  Those of you who are out there fighting to keep our freedom, you are heroes. Don’t ever forget that. We need people like you, always.

I hope everybody will take a moment and reflect on that day and remember those who have gone to work on that day and never came back, those who went to war and died, those who still fight today.

9/11 Anniversary

Friday, August 12, 2011

Marines coming Home

The time has finally come for all for to begin our long journey home once again and to reward ourselves with a job well done by seeing all of you back home that we have dreamed and missed so very much. Your prayers and daily concerns for us as we have done our duty while we were here for these long months has kept us going as we have sacrificed so much not for ourselves but for you. As a Infantry Squad Leader I have seen my young men grow and mature in ways that no time in the states could ever compare to the teachings as on the battlefield. 

Here amoung their brothers we have come together as more than a family but as a brotherhood that will and has stood the test of time that years will never weaken. I cannot tell you enough how special it has meant to all of us here the great support and words of encouragement that you have brought us this entire time. From the great letters, to care packages, to just kind words that you have shared we have taken each with us each day as we lead countless patrols into the unknown. It is with a heavy heart that I leave this great responsibility to the next unit leaders to carry on in this operation and continue to push on to fight for those that cannot defend themselves and in the name of our great country. Myself and my fellow leaders have given them the tools to push on and to do great things and we are very proud to pass the mission task onto fellow brothers who will do us all proud and all that we have done in these past months. 

I ask that you keep them in your prayers and with their permission I am passing on the contact information so that you will have the opportunity to support them and their Marines' as you have been so gracious to do for my unit. Again from the bottom of my heart thank you for all that you have blessed myself and my Marines' with and in my lifetime I will never forget all that you have done for us. I could not have ever been as strong of a leader if not for the strength that so many of you have given me in your inspiration and dedication to all that I was challenged to do in leading my Marines', from the bottom of my heart thank you and God Bless and please always feel free to contact me for forever I feel as all of you are friends and close family.

Sgt Miller, Matthew
2/8 1st PLT

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Website

Our new website design is finally here. I hope you will find it easier to get the information you need.
Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.
The Photo Album will be added very soon within a day or so.
Thank you all for your support.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Addresses posted in Forum

There are two new addresses you can find in the is asking for magazines ( if you can send them great). Look in the Army section

The other one is also under Army " First Deployment in Afghanistan"

Thursday, August 4, 2011


You can now follow me for updates on Twitter @AnjelikkaK

I get daily emails from people who want a penpal. Remember you have to search the forum for that. Be patient, it takes time.