Sunday, September 4, 2005


Here is a message I want to pass on to everybody...please help us to support the troops that are helping with KATRINA...please contact me if you can help....

Hi all!
Our orders for deployment to Louisiana are to be posted Tuesday and it occurs to me that there is no apparent troop support infrastructure DOMESTICALLY. In Iraq there is email and internet and an established mail line but nothing as of yet for KATRINA. Remember that everyone going in support of Katrina has just returned from duty in IRAQ and we are looking at 3-6 months away from home again in a situation that is in many ways even more primitive then Iraq. This will be a hodgepodge of seasoned vets with a sprinkling of NEW troops fresh out of AIT. I'd like you all to start thinking of ways to support the men and women of the military serving to help with Katrina as there is nothing set up to support them/us as of yet. More the likely there will be no internet for a while so this will be a snail mail operation. Thoughts, feedback and contact info would be appreciated.
Much Thanks